Vibration Therapy

This is an effective therapy has been used for decades by astronauts, celebrities and now the general public for its extensive health benefits.  This therapy stimulates a natural response in the body to steady itself as proprioceptors in the muscles are triggered. With muscles working, several health benefits follow. These can be seen as:

·         Decreased stress and lowered cortisol (a stress hormone)

·         Decreased blood pressure

·         Increased muscle tone allowing for better balance and stability

·         Weight loss

·         Increased bone density

·         Better blood circulation

·         Increased tissue health

·         Hormones are balanced

·         Joint health is increased 

A customized program is yours to follow to allow for the needed benefits. Clients have instructional videos to follow for support during treatment. Varying frequencies are used for certain benefits, but also for preventing injury. Some contraindications exist where a client had a pre-existing ligament problems with decreased joint support that may result in injury, pregnancy, artificial joints, pins or rods, pacemakers, advanced arthritis, disc herniation, spondylosis, tumors, cancer or recent surgeries. After a health history form is completed, and is reviewed for any of these conditions or possibly other contraindications.