Self Care After Treatment and Home Care

A client may experience may things after they have finished their treatment for the day. Depending what the therapy was, there can be a multitude of normal common occurrences. We have included a list of post treatment side effects to ease worry and stress during after hours. The most commonly seen are:
  • An increase of blood circulation may cause increased urination. The bodies natural response to activity will move fluids faster and also the elimination of toxins. We encourage you to maintain hydration during this time period to flush toxins, hydrate tissues for increased health and allow for the uptake of nutrients to the tissues. 
  • Aching muscles may be a result of deep work completed to restore function or to remove any restrictions. This should normalize and decrease in a few days. During this time period, stay hydrated, apply either heat or cold according to your professionals directions, and implement any stretches that you have been shown. Epsom salt baths are beneficial way to increase toxin elimination as well. By drinking a cup of water pre-bath will start the process. Use 2 cups of salt in a temperature that is tolerable. Soak for 10-12 min. Drink another cup of water and rest for 2 hours post bath to allow the toxins to be released. Any stretches may be done after this time. 
  • During treatments it is not unusual to experience increased bowel movements. Relaxation will stimulate blood flow to the intestines. Flatulence or gas may also increase. 
  • Due to the hands on nature of the therapies used coupled with product use, skin breakouts may occur. Others may have more or less sensitivity. If you have experienced this in the past, please advise your professional prior to work so a possible alteration to treatment or product use may be changed.  At times the body will use the skin to eliminate toxins or waste if stimulated which is a natural physiological response. Severe adverse reactions should be reported at the next visit.
  • Deep tissue work requires the breakdown of collagen fibers that may be restricting an area. Certain techniques in acupuncture require penetration into the dermis. Bruising may be a side effect of this deep work. Certain medications may also cause an increase of bruising as well. All medication use must be reported to your professional prior to any treatment to prevent any unfortunate side effects as certain contraindications do exist for safety purposes.
  • Stress release is a desired response when having a treatment or therapy done. Sometimes headaches may occur due to increased blood circulation and the release of a high level of emotional or physical stress. Rest immediately after your visit should be sought to allow the body to normalize. 
If you have a severe or abnormal reaction that you are uneasy about during the after hours of our business we would always encourage you to seek medical advice to health and emotional well being. If you have any questions or concerns during our business hours, do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help you with any matter in this respect.