An experienced Registered Acupuncturist can provide treatment for a number of conditions. Whether it is for pain relief or for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, this time honored practice is a valuable addition to any health care regime.

Many illnesses, disorders, dysfunctions, pain syndromes, and general wellness have been treated using acupuncture. The World Health Organization (WHO) and America’s Food and Drug Association (FDA) have confirmed this form of treatment through rigorous studies. This is a well-practiced alternative health technique that has developed through the centuries allowing thousands of years of knowledge. Whether it is used alone or for accompanying other health practices it is a very beneficial form of treatment and may even be used as a substitution medicine in a variety of certain illnesses and support for incurable disease.

 Several examples of conditions benefiting from acupuncture are:

- Obesity
- Myopathy (Weakness and loss of muscle tissue)
- Radiculopathy (Pains occurring in the limbs caused by the protrusion of spinal column discs)
- Neuropathies (Decreased function of the sensory-motor nerves in conditions such as diabetes   Mellitus)
- Fibromyalgia, myofacial syndromes and other pain syndromes (numerous areas of pain located at different locations of the body)
- Migraine and resistant headaches
- Body & limbs palsy to strokes
- Smoking cessation